On 28 July 2018 /Saturday/ in terms of the final assessment session of the INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN COMPETITION for the New City Center of Veliko Turnovo, the Jury selected and awarded the participants of the competition.

The Jury selected and awarded with a prize design concepts among the 62 projects of participants, developed by architects and designers of more than 10 countries.


First winner’s prize has been awarded to a project, numbered № 1800, with author CLAUDIO NARDI, from Italy,

the second winner’s prize has been awarded to a project, numbered № 2685, with author  DIEGO TERNA, from Italy, the third winner’s prize has been awarded to a project № 3200 with designers ‘s team „Stephen George International Bulgaria“ LTD, Bulgaria.


Part of the first winner's prize will be the right for direct award of contract for TECHNICAL/DETAILED INVESTMENT DESIGN of the building.


FIVE PREMIUMS have been awarded to designs selected by the Jury, among which are:


Project  № 9177 with designers’ team OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci from Poland, project № 2082 with designers’ team ARENA SBASABE PALACIOS arquitectos from Spain, project № 4134 with designers’ team including Maya Shopova, Don Tormanov and Borisslav Angelov, settled in Canada, project  № 5877 with designers’ team „Kaps“ Ltd, Тurkey and project № 3222 of  „Image Bureau“ Ltd, Bulgaria.


The first winner’s prize of the competition is arch. Claudio Nardi, who manages the Head Office of architects’ studio, settled in Florence, Italy, characteristics for his professional activity is that he is an innovative designer, the works of whom contribute to broaden the architecture and design borders. Claudio Nardi Architects’s studio credo is “We strive to produce architecture that is both global and local, whilst remaining unique and expressive. We understand that for our clients it needs to be as impressive close-up as it is from a distance and, above all, we believe that we produce results that we, and you, can be proud to leave as a legacy to be appreciated by future generations”.


Arch. Nardi provides design services not only in Florence, but is studios in Krakow, London, Hong Kong, Istanbul and New York, which is reflected in his works of design and architecture.

He is famous for his architectural designs for wide majority of clients and buildings, including government, corporate, retail, entertainment and residential clients.


Amongst his recent projects are the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK) in Krakow, built around the former Schindler Factory building, the new Town Hall of Krakow, the Museum of Shipyards Industry (MUCA) in Monfalcone near Trieste, the Mandragora Publishing House Headquarters in Florence, the Port Authority Headquarters in Marina di Carrara and the Vertex Tower (office building) in Amman, Jordan, as well as many private residences in Dubai, London, Madrid, New York, Parma, Rome and Tel Aviv.


Furthermore, an interesting fact is that there are many Italian fashion designers among arch. Nardi’s clients.


Undoubtedly, representatives of the Italian School of Architecture and Design have been selected and awarded with a competition’s prizes. Italy is a country prominent for being abundant with representatives in all areas of Art and Architecture.

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