The participants may request from the Contracting Authority a clarification on the decision, the contract notice, the terms of reference for the public procurement and the descriptive document, in writing, up to 10 days before the deadline for submission of the design proposals.

The person who has made the inquiry shall not be specified in the clarification.

The Contracting Authority will not provide clarifications, if the inquiry has been received after the above specified time limit.

The clarifications will be published in the buyer profile and in the competition website.





According to the conditions of the competition, there is ONLY ONE requirement about the professional qualification potential of the participants – ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE ARE ARCHITECTS WITH A DIPLOMA OR DESIGN TEAMS THAT HAVE AT LEAST ONE MEMBER WHO HAS SUCH DIPLOMA.


There is not a requirement for possessing a full design certification.


There is not a requirement for acquiring the diploma in certain country or university/college.


AFTER the competition is over:


If the winner expresses his/hers desire for drawing the technical design of the building, then he/she needs to have the design certification, according to the requirements of the Bulgarian law, namely:

To have recognized professional qualification and permission to practice (design certification) in accordance with the Chamber of architects and investment design engineers act and a design certification in accordance with the Cultural heritage act.


It is permitted to comply with these requirements using the capacity of a third person. This could happen by signing a civil contract with such person or by other means such as creating a consortium.


* More detailed information about the conditions for participation in the competition can be found on page 76 of the Brief.

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